Starting Instructions for a Homelite Chainsaw

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    • 1). Push the primer bulb six times to prime the Homelite chainsaw with fuel mixture.

    • 2). Push the starting switch to the "on" position. Pull the choke lever all the way out to the full choke position.

    • 3). Depress the trigger throttle completely in. Push the trigger lock button in to lock the trigger in place. Release the trigger throttle.

    • 4). Place the chainsaw on level ground away from any debris including limbs. Stand to the left of the chainsaw and place the toe of the right foot on the handle below the trigger throttle. Grasp the handlebar to the front of the saw with the left hand.

    • 5). Grasp the starter cord handle with the right hand. Pull the starter cord until the engine of the saw attempts to start. Pull the cord no more than six times.

    • 6). Move the choke lever to the middle position and pull the starter cord to start the Homelite chainsaw engine.

    • 7). Push the choke lever completely in when the engine starts. Depress the trigger throttle to release the trigger lock and allow the engine to run for at least 30 seconds before attempting to saw with the Homelite chainsaw.

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