What Is Microsoft Word Used For?

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    • There have been many versions of Microsoft Word. The latest version is Microsoft Word 2007, which is a part of Microsoft Office Suite 2007.


    • Microsoft Word contains many tools that the computer user can utilize to make the creation of electronic documents easier. Popular tool include spell checker, automatic grammar checking and the thesaurus.

    Document Formats

    • The latest version of Microsoft Word saves documents with the .docx extension. Microsoft Word has the option to save documents in a variety of formats, including .doc, .txt, and .rtf.


    • In later versions of Microsoft Word, there are integrated security features. The computer user can configure the document to be opened only by providing a password. It is also possible to restrict what portion of a document can be edited by anyone other than the author.

    Fun Fact

    • Microsoft Word will spell check more than 50 languages.

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