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With an RSS feed on your website, you will be giving your readers exactly what they are looking for which is real time news on their favorite subjects.
You can offer paid subscriptions to your feed or find advertisers that wish to be included in your feed.
Both of these will bring you more revenue from your website.
The best reason to add all of your content to an RSS feed is that your readers as well as others will receive the headlines and blurbs in real time.
This is perfect for your press releases, sales letters, and articles.
You will be able to send out information on every item you have on your website whether it is a digital product or a gift item.
The best of all is that you can publish your information to the feed right from your desktop.
You will also be able to publish such things as podcasts, forum posts, blog posts, or your articles and have each title and blurb published directly to your feed at the time you post.
Promoting your RSS feed is a very important part of marketing.
You can start promoting by adding a subscription button to the upper corner of your website.
All your readers will then just click the button to be subscribed to your feed, which will supply them with all the things you have added to your feed.
To get the full benefit from RSS feeds you can also subscribe to other feeds that pertain to your subject and place them on your website.
This will provide your readers with even more informative headlines on their favorite subjects.
In most cases, all you will have to do is add a bit of java code to your page to display the feed.
Of course, just adding a button and RSS feed to your website will not be enough to bring traffic.
You will need to promote your feed at other locations around the web.
You can find websites that allow you to add your RSS feed to their directory, article directories, or other resources such as forums.
This will bring you more targeted traffic, which will add to your list of readers as well as bring in more sales.
Almost every webmaster that has added an RSS feed to their website has seen their traffic increase.
Of course, traffic will not necessarily bring more sales; you must have the products or quality content that will turn your visitors into loyal customers.
However, by providing real time information when you offer new products or have a sale will certainly help.
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