How to Take Care of Savannah Kittens

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    • 1). Choose a veterinarian that is familiar with the Savannah breed. Vaccination of exotic cats differs from that of domestic cats, so your Savannah kitten will require the care of a veterinarian that is aware of the differences. Exotic cats are also prone to various conditions not seen in domestic cats, such as Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome--a condition that affects the tail in servals.

    • 2). Quarantine your Savannah kitten when you bring her home. Quarantine will acclimate her to the sounds of her new home, making her adjustment easier. The confinement room should contain a scratching post, litter box, her food and water, and toys to keep her occupied. It should also be free of dangers, such as exposed electrical wires.

    • 3). Feed your Savannah kitten three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) a combination of high-quality wet and dry cat foods. Look for manufactured cat foods that list protein as the first ingredient on the label. Supplement your Savannah kitten's diet with raw proteins, such as chicken. Once the kitten is four months old, feed him twice daily.

    • 4). Fill your Savannah kitten's water bowl with bottled water instead of tap. The temperamental digestive system of Savannah kittens cannot tolerate the impurities that may exist in your tap water. Offer only bottled water until the kitten is at least four months old.

    • 5). Introduce your Savannah cat to her litter box as soon as you bring her home. She will quickly learn where it is and instinctively use it. Keep the litter box clean at all times, changing the litter regularly. A clean litter box will reduce the desire to find unsuitable areas to eliminate.

    • 6). Gently mist the Savannah kitten with a spray bottle filled with bottled water when she does something that you do not want her to do. Cats do not like the feeling of sprayed water and will usually learn to avoid inappropriate behavior after the first few squirts.

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