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With building lists in MySpace it is VERY easy to get slapped with Spam complaints. Matter of fact, if you haven't got one from using this method from your MySpace lists, well...I imagine your not a massive scale just yet.

Here's just tip you can use on how to make money on myspace using list-building tactics. It's no secret or anything; people have been doing it for ages. Most people build a list through MySpace and then pitch to them using an affiliate link or some other form of monetization. That is really not a good idea. While you might make some sales, I have found that you do a heck of a lot better with just FREE information. I do not mean to send them something free, and then 2 days later, send them a pitch. That is not a very smart way of utilizing your list marketing. The idea is to send out something free that contains useful information. You should also reference other sites or products. Within the reference is where you will want to get creative. That is where you can be smart with monetization from your list.

A really simple way to do this is to create a short PDF or Word Document. It could be like a mini Ebook or something. Methods you have used to build your friends list and targeted them with will determine the contents of the ebook or document. If you were targeting single people to be your friends, then a smart choice would be to churn out a short report or ebook with dating tips or something. Anything is possible, and your only limited in your imagination on MySpace.

Inside your report or book you could give away tips on safe online dating or something along those lines. It can be as easy as that. Inside your safe online dating book you could reference products from a merchant or something. Another good idea would be to go somewhere that pays you based on leads. Right now, offers $2 USD for everyone that fills out a free compatibility profile. You could tell your friends inside the report what it is all about. When you they go to fill out a free compatibility report from one of the most prestigious dating sites on the Internet, you would be making a $2 commission. What if you had a few thousand friends that were interested in that? That could be one heck of a payday just from offering your friends a free ebook.

That is just an example of what you could do. There are millions of people on myspace with varied interests. It is not hard to find a large group of people with similar interests and becoming friends with them. From there all you need to do is your head a little bit, and reference this tactic. A good idea will come along and after you implement it, you will see how easy it really can be. These are tactics that can be repeated over and over with all types of niches.
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