Places to Visit in San Francisco on a Budget

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It may seem like taking the whole family out on a fun day trip is impossible if you don't have a wad of cash to spend, but that's really not the case. There are tons of places to visit in San Francisco that are free or cost next to nothing. For instance, the city has a fabulous parks system, and many of the parks are more than just places to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine. Here are just a couple places to see in San Francisco if you're on a budget:

Koret Children's Quarter Playground

If your kids need someplace new and exciting to play, they can enjoy this playground for free. Located on Bowling Green Drive, the playground offers a ton of things for kids to do. The playground was recently renovated, and now it has huge play areas with all sorts of things for kids to climb on and do. For instance, kids can build castles in the sand area and enjoy playing with flowing water in the miniature river. Your kids will definitely come home sandy, wet, and happy when you take them to this playground!One of the best things about the Koret Children's Quarter Playground is that it has a separate area for kids under the age of five. This is really helpful if you're with kids of all different ages. It's not always a great idea for the toddlers to be playing with the rowdy older kids, so you can feel more at ease on this playground where the kids will be separated slightly by age.

Union Square Park

This is more of a traditional park, with walking paths, benches, and lots of open spaces. Kids can run around and enjoy nature in the middle of the city at Union Square Park. Union Square is the center of San Francisco's main shopping district. This means that a visit to the park is a great option if mom or dad needs to get a bit of shopping done. The park is bordered by all sorts of restaurants and also features an open air café. If you really want to be on a budget, though, you can definitely enjoy a picnic lunch on a park bench or a blanket in the grass.

One of the great things about this park is that it often features free events and concerts. They take place throughout the year and are fun for different ages. You might also be able to catch some interesting street performances throughout the year, and the kids can really enjoy watching people sing, dance, draw, or do many other things with their various talents.

Golden Gate Park

This is another interesting, traditional park, but we mention it because it's got some unique family features. For instance, your family can enjoy rowing on Stow Lake. You can rent paddleboats and rowboats at the boathouse, and you can enjoy a unique picnic lunch in the middle of the manmade lake!If your kids like biking, you can also rent family bikes at the park. You can try your luck with quadricycles for the entire family or ride tandem in pairs. If you've got your own bikes, this is a great park for loading up the bike rack and bringing the entire family for an active day in the sun.
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