How To Advertise Your Products And Services

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There is a wrong way, and a right way of advertising your products and services. The wrong way involves traditional means of marketing, and the right way involves doing things that are a bit unconventional. When I say unconventional, I don't mean anything illegal or bad. When I say unconventional, all I'm suggesting is that you try a totally new form of advertising your products and services.

For example, if you're currently running ads in the newspapers, yellow pages, magazines, or another medium... more than likely you're trying to sell your product directly through the ad. This is extremely ineffective. The bottom line is that there's not enough space in a display ad to pitch your products.

The only way that I could see you having success with selling your products through an ad is if you ran a full page ad, and you were writing a 3rd person referral ad designed to bring you new clients into your service business. Or, I could see it working if you ran a full page ad and was selling a $10 book or so to build up your mailing list. Other than that, you should stick with generating a lead.

The best way to acquire a new customer is by getting their name and contact info, and following up on them with your sales letter. This method has been proven to work time and time again, and I think it's something that all offline business owners should incorporate into their marketing funnel.

The trick to making this technique work is to offer something that is of immense value for free. You could advertise a free CD, a free DVD, a free report, or even a free consultation. When you do send out your free offer, make sure that the information is stellar. Nobody wants to do business with someone who's information isn't up to par, so it's up to you to deliver high quality information, so that you can get them all roused up about doing business with you.

I personally am fond of the free offer technique because it works so well. On one hand you're showing your prospect that you know what you're talking about. And on the other hand, you're demonstrating value that will make you seem like an expert in your niche. This can do alot for your reputation, and it will make them think that you're the "go-to" guy in your field.

When following up on your prospects, know that it takes at least 3 contacts before they will make a sale. Obviously a prospect may buy on the first attempt, but on average, the number of contacts that it takes is 3. So be persistent in your marketing efforts and watch the Benjamin's stack up.

To sum up this strategy, here's what you should do:

1) Offer a free report, (or some other free offer).
2) Gather the prospect's contact information
3) Mail out your sales piece to the prospect
4) Mail out for a minimum of 3 times, spaced 10 days apart.

This simple strategy has built millions and millions of dollars for business owners all around the globe, and I think that you can experience the same results also.

Good luck with using these tips to market your business.
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