Finding The Right Atlanta Recording Studio

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While it might seem like deciding on the right Atlanta recording studio for your project is a simple process of selecting the Atlanta recording studio with the best price. There is a lot more to it besides that! The initial step is to take into consideration your task. What kind of sound are you trying to achieve? Are you interested in tracking live with each person playing at one time on the floor, or one instrument at a time? How many songs? How many overdubs?

After this, it is best to assemble a list of recording studios in Atlanta to take a look at. There are quite a few good sources for Atlanta and the metro area. You should be acceptable to all potentialities. You are not really searching for the least expensive recording studio in Atlanta! The issue of price tag is most likely foremost in your mind. However, ultimately, it may be a concluding element. Thus, keeping that in mind, we will consider your options, as they pertain to the rates you will pay out for your recording project.

1. Check Out The Equipment

The majority of Atlanta music studio websites show their gear with a gear list. For a clever producer, being aware of what gear is available is usually important. The price of renting extra preamps, compressors, or microphones will influence the associated fee of the project. Discovering an Atlanta studio that is properly outfitted can keep these rental costs lower. A properly supplied Atlanta audio production studio has more money invested in gear, as a result their rates will probably be increased.

What apparatus do you essentially need for your undertaking?

When you are intending to record your band "live" in the studio (recording the drums,bass,guitars, and scratch vocals simultaneously) you will need a studio with enough mics, preamps, cables, and inputs to their recording system to deal with that burden. A lot of smaller Atlanta studios charge a reduced hourly charge, but are only able to track a small amount of sources at once. This indicates that getting your essentials down will take four to eight times as long. As a result that likely will cost way more than you could imagine.

2. Check Out the room

Whenever you are intending to track drums, you will desire to see the drum room. The room should certainly sound superior.

3. Take a look at The Guy (or Gal!)

While it may be great to work with a inexperienced youngster who is into your music, and he possibly charges a low hourly rate. Prepare yourself to spend a lot of time getting sounds, and a lot of time during mix down. Conversely, using an more aged guy with plenty of practical knowledge, but who is not genuinely keen on what you are undertaking might culminate in a product that just does not capture what you are trying to achieve. Make an effort to appraise the likes and dislikes of the engineer, and whether or not he is acquainted with your style of music. Hearing some of his previous work will help a great deal in determining whether he is a good fit, along with actually talking to him and seeing if you gel in person.

4. Analyze The Vibe

When you are considering Atlanta studios, try to pay a visit to them in person if possible. Does it appear to be a place you can be comfortable? Do they have clean bathrooms? A lounge for the band members to unwind in while your vocalist is tracking his parts? The vibe in the place will establish, along with the knowledge and expertise of the engineer, and your level of comfort, the outcome of your performance. Just remember that putting together and sustaining a superb room costs a lot, the prices will exhibit that.

5. What Is The Deal On The Reel?

A number of Atlanta studios require payment for a master CD of your tracks, they may expect payment for hard drive space, or you may well need to supply or pay out for tape, etc. These usually are not huge expenditures, though you might very easily spend $500-$1000 for 2" tape if you are tracking an album, and extra if you desire numerous takes, or do not like to record over old work.

6. How Do We Make Payment?

While most commercial studios in Atlanta acknowledge credit cards, checks, cash, etc, many small Atlanta studios do not, as they are operating as hobbies, not really businesses. You really should remember of that prior to arriving, simply because things could get a bit weird when you whip out the plastic and the engineer states "Cash Only,please!"

7. Can We Work With The Schedule?

Ask about upcoming readily available dates, a lot of Atlanta recording studios will probably expect for a few weeks to a couple months advance notice of a date. Also, determine the procedure on deposits. Most Atlanta studios demand 50% to hold a date. In the event that you will need to reschedule, do so with 48 or more hours notice, or you might surrender most of your deposit.

The Conclusion

Most people need to find a space that you feel comfortable in, with the proper gear to catch your vision relatively quickly. It would be nice to work with an engineer that you like,who fully understands your music,and has the experience to get it done quickly and carefully. The cost should not include concealed fees that catch you unprepared. There are a lot of studios in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Do yourself a favor. Look around and thoroughly consider the options. Be aware that looks can be deceiving. Working together with the most suitable engineer trumps just about all gear considerations.

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