When Bad Things Happen to Good Movies

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There is a film titled 'Night Catches Us' and it is a good, but average movie, yet it took an extraordinary journey to be made.
First of all, it is a drama that stars black actors (new comers) who are not in poverty, not gangsters, and not pimps.
Mainstream Hollywood has a problem with that.
Second of all it is written and directed by a black woman, Tanya Hamilton, and that it took ten years to make.
Third, it is an independent movie and chances of making money are very unlikely.
It can be seen on MOVIES ON DEMAND from Time Warner and other cable systems this month (in December 2010) if you can't find it close to your theater.
Fourth, the film is about a man who was part of the Black Panther Party, and because he "snitched" to the cops about one member, he was killed.
The remaining party members will not forget or forgive him.
They show the Black Panther Party overall in a positive light, and that is another problem the mainstream media would have with it.
It has so much going against it but there are pluses.
When you do an independent film, you've ONLY got WAD-Writing, Acting, Directing-to carry the project.
This movie has all three!!! Ladies and gentlemen, it is just hard to make a movie, especially when it is a movie starring blacks or any other minority group.
Producers assume it can only market the film to that audience alone, and they want mass appeal!!! In the beginning of my rant I call it average because if there were more films made about black people, sadly it would be.
But it is so rare that it shouldn't be called average.
I hope major movie players see Ms.
Hamilton's movie and give her a chance.
She is very talented and tenacious.
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