Does the Change of Water Kill Your Fish?

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This is a very common story.
It might have happened with you or with your friends.
But it happens with many fish lovers.
This is very important story because it stresses the mistakes new fish owners usually make.
George is a fish lover and he wants to set up a new aquarium.
So he goes in the market and buys all the equipment, buys a variety of fish and starts with his hobby.
He does a lot of efforts to maintain his aquarium.
He cleans the aquarium in and out regularly, feeds his fish regularly and adds water to the aquarium when the water evaporates.
After some time his friend comes to visit him.
He asks about changing the water in the aquarium.
George does not know about it, but he makes his research on the Internet and realizes his mistake.
He should have changed the water several times.
To compensate, he changes the entire water in the aquarium on the next day.
At the same time he changes the filters and vacuums the gravel.
He is happy that he has corrected his mistake in time.
However things do not happen correctly on the next day.
George discovers that most of his fish has died.
Within the next few days he finds the remaining fish dead.
This is in spite of the fact that he has taken huge efforts to clean his aquarium thoroughly.
Now he is fed up with the fish-keeping.
He does not replace his fish and disposes off the aquarium.
In addition, he will always tell other people that changing water is dangerous even though all the books advise it.
Is it really so? Well, partially yes.
Water changes are good for fish but there is a method to do it.
Over a period of time the un-eaten food particles, fish waste and waste from the plants inside the aquarium keep on accumulating.
They produce a lot of toxic chemicals like nitrites and ammonia which are harmful for fish.
But still fish can survive out of that.
The reason is - these changes are slow.
On the other hand if you suddenly change all the water, fish is unable to cope up with it.
Most of the fish cannot tolerate this change and they die.
The balance fish may not die immediately but they are much stressed and will die in the next few days.
So is it advisable to change water? You may think that if the change of water kills your fish, why should you do that? The answer to this question is simple.
Changing water is important for the well being of fish.
The wastes which are remaining in the water will not be noticed with the naked eye but the process is slow and fish survive under stress.
They will become sick and they will lose immunity to the diseases.
So it is really advisable to change the water at regular intervals.
However, if you have not changed the water for a long time, it is not advisable to make an immediate change.
You should start changing water are very slowly.
You can just go for a change of five per cent in the beginning.
Wait for a few days and then change another 10 per cent of the water.
Continue with such process for a few weeks.
This will make the fish adaptable to the chemistry of new water.
Gradually you will be able to find out the exact routine for changing aquarium water and it will continue thereafter.
Water is everything for the fish and you cannot play with it.
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