Global Warming Issues

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Global warming has many controversial issues, and the name may be a misnomer.
Global warming can also cause global cooling, which can turn many areas of the world into cold arid deserts that are all but suitable for living.
The whole impact of global warming is that it changes the climate in every area on the face of the earth.
The earth goes through warming and cooling cycles, and the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions may speed up the next ice age, causing it to occur much sooner.
This is only one of the concerns about global warming.
The effects of global warming just on Antarctica alone have been very visible, and well documented by scientists.
The rise in ice melting from the polar ice cap may end up diluting the seas, causing a change in both habitat and local marine populations.
The global warming effect on Antarctica is what has made skeptics sit up and pay attention at last.
The ice shelf is dissolving rapidly, this fact has been well documented and local wildlife and marine populations are at a big risk of losing their habitats and way of life, due to warmer temperatures.
Global warming is accelerating thanks to the greenhouse effect.
When greenhouse gases like carbon emissions are released into the air, they help to hold the heat down towards the earth and do not let it escape.
The greenhouse effect is not caused by mankind, and this is what makes earth habitable for all species, but humans have thrown off the natural balance by releasing large amounts of greenhouse gases into the air.
Regulations like the Kyoto Protocol can help minimize the level of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, but not all countries around the globe have agreed to lower their environmental damage, especially large industrialized developing nations like China and India.
Global warming and greenhouse effect go hand in hand and there is a need to minimize the impact mankind has on the earth.
Global warming is not all negative; it does have some positive effects.
The impact of global warming can also provide benefits as well as issues.
The benefits can not undo the damage being done, though, when fossil fuels pollute the air and release greenhouse gases.
The earth is warming up much faster than expected, and the effects may be very surprising.
Storms may become much more severe than they are now, more or less precipitation may fall, temperatures increases or decreases may become common, and many other problems can result from global warming.
Global warming could have some benefits, but what are those benefits of global warming? These could include more land that can be used for farming and living, fewer cold and winter weather related deaths each year, many less emergency room visits because of the ice or treacherous winter conditions, and a whole lot of money saved.
If every area warmed up just a couple of degrees, every home could save hundreds of dollars a year, and use a lot less fuel for heating.
Using energy conservation methods are the key to getting all the benefits of natural global warming, without having the negative effects, and damaging the earth and the environment in the process.
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