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I love the sitcom Girlfiends.
It is focused on the lives of 3 or 4 tight knit friends who's lives are separate but intertwined through successes, and trials.
It stars Joan, Mya, Lynn, William and the more recent ones stars Monica.
(There used to be a character named Toni) I like each character and can relate a little to each one.
Joan is like a motherly friend who looks after Lynn a lot when Lynn can't provide for her self.
Joan's house is the focal point of the sitcom.
Joan, a hopeless romantic, is notorious for not being able to find love and stay in a relationship.
She always loses her man- one way or another.
In the more recent episodes, she loses the love of her life to Iraq.
He is deployed in the army to go oversees.
Joan copes with this by sending him cookies, and consoling her friends through there trials.
Joan used to be a lawyer and now is a successful partner of a restaurant that she shares with best friend, William.
All in all, Joan is probably the most stable out of all the girls, except for when her restaurant becomes successful and she gets an ego.
She then starts partying, and becomes selfish.
However, she goes back to her old self when she loses Toni-her longtime friend.
Mya, who is my personal favorite, is very around-the-way.
She has a snappy attitude sometimes, and unlike Joan, always says exactly how she feels.
The only exception would be when she's trying to be supportive of her husband, Darnell.
Mya is an accomplished author who got pregnant and married in high school.
So, she has been with her husband (on and off) for many years.
She has a teenage son Jabori, and recently had a miscarriage on the show.
She goes kind of crazy after the miscarriage.
Darnell and Mya go through their share of problems like buying their first house only to decide to move back to where they were before.
She even cheated on Darnell once and kissed another man, which they got a divorce over.
Later, when Darnell is about to marry another woman, he decides that he still loves Mya and they get married again.
Although Mya is always there for her friends, she can be a little selfish sometimes.
However, I think she would be the most fun to be around.
Lynn is a free spirited, promiscuous, indecisive freeloader.
She had no direction until she realized how much she liked music and singing.
She tries repeatedly to get signed to an music agency, and finally succeeds.
She has various relationships in the show, and she falls in love with a musician but he just plays with her heart.
Eventually, she starts to focus only on her music, which is like a Norah Jones feel.
Low tones.
She finds out after working with Big Boi of Outkast, just how hard the industry can be.
There isn't much more to Lynn.
I don't really care for her character.
She lacks the strength that the other girls seem to have.
William is the girls only guy friend.
He is very caring, and is very practical, with a dull sense of humor.
He is best friends with Joan, and is also an attorney.
He is the silent partner to Joan's restaurant.
William has been unsuccessful at finding love, that is until he finds Monica again and pursues her until he reaches her heart.
He then marries Monica, who is not liked by for girls awhile.
William can be humorous in his own way and is a true confidant to his friends.
He has always been supportive of Joan and the others.
He also develops a friendship with Darnell, Mya's husband.
Monica who is relatively new to star in the sitcom has been around in and out of different episodes from the beginning.
She has been the snooty, snobbish, and conceited girlfriend of William.
They had gone through a series of breakups, and after Toni leaves the show, Monica becomes a permanent fixture in the cast as William's wife.
Monica's hardheartedness slowly fades as she becomes friends with Joan while working at the restaurant.
She is even more humbled when she is no longer supported by her wealthy parents.
She goes through trials with William as he goes back and forth in deciding if he wants to be with her.
She eventually gets pregnant, and grows closer with girls.
Toni, who is no longer a part of the show, was Joan's longtime best friend.
She grew up with Joan.
Toni is self-centered, conceited, and very high maintenance.
Quite a few times, she had to borrow money from Joan, because she was living above her means.
Toni was a realtor, who eventually opened her own real estate firm.
She meets a doctor who she is not very compatible with.
They get married, and have a daughter named Morgan.
Toni has a hard time adjusting to motherhood, and makes some serious mistakes when Morgan is born- like accidentally locking her in the house when she goes out, missing her first doctor's appt, etc.
She also has serious problems with her husband, with whom she is not in love with.
In Toni's final episode, Joan don't show up for the custody hearing which was very important to Toni.
Toni then moves to New York to be closer to her daughter, after the father gets custody.
She leaves the show without forgiving Joan, and their friendship is lost.
Girlfriends is a great sitcom for women of all age, but primarily late 20's and 30's, to enjoy and relate to.
It is humorous and will keep you intrigued.
So, when you see Girlfiends in your local listings, don't hesitate to watch.
I think you'll like the show.
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