Online Degree Programs Continue To Attract Potential Recruiters

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History is testimony to the fact that the world has never witnessed a dearth of naysayers and pessimists. And the ongoing financial crisis has given a fillip to the corny thoughts of such people. They are a bunch of pessimists who deride every modern institution or practice, for example online learning. In this article we shall see the hollowness of their false alarms regarding online learning, primarily their claim that online degree programs will no longer be recognized by financial sector organizations.

All walks of our lifestyle have been impacted by Internet. The world of Internet brought a revolution of sorts in the field of education by allowing surfers to share information and knowledge across the cyberspace. As a natural progression to this trend, online degree programs were conceptualized to ensure standardization of online learning content. Further, they allowed students taking these online courses to obtain the seal of approval from recognized degree granting institutions like universities and colleges.

The course material for online courses was developed by the academicians who developed the courses taught in the lecture theatres of renowned higher educational institutions. If a student has obtained an online mba banking degree (, he would have read about all concepts taught in banking major at any public or accredited private university.

Therefore, the claim that firms in the financial services industry will stop recruiting graduates passing out from online degree programs equates to saying that these firms will stop recognizing the syllabus of established higher educational institutions. Isn't that a ridiculous thought? It is true that employers will establish more stringent measures to hire talented graduates but that would not be biased against a specific learning delivery channel.

Instead of following every word that rumor mongers speak, students of online degree programs should understand that employment in some industrial sectors has been affected adversely by the credit crunch and students from classroom-based programs are also facing the same situation.

Online degrees provide learning opportunities to those who can't attend college for lack of time, money etc. These degrees enable mobile learning as you can attend the same course living in Ethiopia or in New Zealand. If you are pursuing an online master degree (, stay assured that you are as much in demand as any graduate degree holder of reputed universities.
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