Health Insurance Requirements for Iowa Employers

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    • Your employer and the insurance company are not allowed to discriminate against you due to your health status. You are allowed into the group health plan even if you have an injury or an illness.

    Employment Status

    • An employer can impose employment status requirements. If you fail to work a certain number of hours set by your employer, your health insurance coverage can be restricted or denied. For example, if you must work 30 hours per week to qualify for health insurance. If you work 29 hours, you may be disqualified from participating in the health insurance plan.

    Waiting Period

    • Your employer can impose a waiting period for you. This means that you may not be able to join your group health plan for a set number of months or you may only be able to join during certain times of the year which are set by your employer. For example, if your employer imposes a 90-day waiting period, you cannot enroll in your group health insurance plan for three months (90 days) after your date of hire.

    Family and Medical Leave Act

    • Your employer must allow you to keep your group health insurance coverage if you leave work due to a serious medical illness or you must take case of a sick relative. You are still responsible for paying your premiums. If you fail to pay your premiums, you could lose your health insurance.


    • Your employer must make you aware of COBRA benefits if you are terminated from your job. This applies for any voluntary or involuntary termination, except for termination resulting from gross misconduct. The employer must notify the group health plan of your qualification within 30 days and the group health plan has 14 days to send you a notice about how to elect for COBRA coverage.

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