Touch Me and See - A Ghost Doesn"t Have Flesh and Bones, As You See I Have

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For you who have little faith
will reap your own meager rewards
Swirling in a galloping eddy, the vaporous horse
will bring about a remarkable voice of redemption,
in the wily Hampstead steed
For only a blind lass would look for confirmation
with the flaccid string of a flat, tightly knit, flight bound bow
But still you sling your arrow trying to validate the sumptuous proof
Yet the eyes can surely deceive
So how can you just continue to stand up and stare
Sliding your fingertips may do little to elicit the irreconcilable truth
When two objects, ideas or things have risen up in the visual field
there may be no real association or solid ties for you to shake your tambourine
or begin to carefully appraise
Sometimes a mere coincidence will show its forthright head
So take no heed of flesh nor let it dangle from a pile of grubby bones
Let a free, flowing banshee do the deed,
the underhanded actions,
the dishonesty and the treachery will satisfy the unsightly urge
No ordinary zombie, poltergeist or kelpie could possibly endure
the most stringent requirements of a very complex test
But no need to worry
Because as of now the body is yet together and still very much in tact
The surface of the skin provides a blustery cover
that a customary specter may just want to up and kiss
But then again you might think otherwise
Gliding your appendage across a slippery shoal
may appear to be the right thing to do at the moment
Trusting the senses without resorting to the tactile
could be the most prudent approach
It will allow you to avoid offense and in this regard you will show the maturity
of your keen perception
Blind faith is a true testament of your growth and development
A spirited wraith cannot compete with what has already become a mortal mass
And in rare instances corporeal bodies can bridge the gap
If they have been given inestimable gifts
they can touch the heavens to escape what may encapsulate the marrow
and peel back any unwanted premature skin
So it is all about how you may see it
With long brown hair, open wounds in the hands, a tilted head
and fragile emasculated ribs
it all hangs there inviting the people to witness what is no longer a secret
but an iconic image that has been offered to the world

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