Herbs That Can Be Used In Wiccan Rituals

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There are many different herbs that are used by wiccans.
They have many different meanings and uses and can be confusing to what herbs should be used for which ritual.
In this article you will learn some of the most common herbs and how they are to be used.
Lavender: This herb is good for providing clarity and vision.
It is also a common ingredient in love and fertility spells.
It is marketed by aromatherapy companies as a stress reliever and insomnia cure.
Used dry or burned as an incense it can aid with divination practices.
Licorice root: Don't confuse this herb with the candy of the same name.
The flavor you taste in the candy is anise- there is very little actual licorice in there.
The root is sweet but not as much as candy.
It works well in love spells.
It has a slight toxicity but should ingestion should only be avoided completely by those with high blood pressure since it will raise it up higher briefly.
Lobelia: If you ingest too large of a quantity of the stronger forms of lobelia, it can cause severe nausea.
But used wisely it shouldn't cause any problems.
It is good in spells of love and storms.
It can also be used as a tobacco substitute even though it has no nicotine in it.
Long pepper: This herb is a warmer but sweeter alternative to peppercorn.
It is considered to be an aphrodisiac (even earning a mention in the Kama Sutra) and is accordingly used in sex spells.
Monkshood: This herb is extremely toxic.
Avoid contact with the skin and do not ever ingest it.
If it comes in contact with your skin and you begin to feel numbness or tingling in your mouth, get to a doctor.
Those are the symptoms of monkshood poisoning.
The herb is used to honor Hekate and in death or baneful works.
Mugwort: This herb is used for dream work and can thus be placed in or under the pillow, placed in bath water or sipped form a tea to help with slumber.
Myrtle: This herb is used to honor Aphrodite.
In spell work it can be used for love or protection.
Nutmeg: Often found in the spice rack, nutmeg encourages the feminine and can be used to honor the Divine.
In spells, it can bring about love, money or luck.
It is often used in the Winter Festivals.
Oak Moss: This herb has a forest smell about it but it is well regarded for attracting money.
It can be carried with you in an amulet or mixed with other ingredients to form potent incense.
Orris Root: This plant has a beautiful floral scent similar to violets.
It can be used for dream work and divination.
Sprinkled around a loved one will ensure they return the sentiment.
It can also be used in protection spells.
Patchouli: The oil of this plant is often used as a musky fragrance.
It is supposedly an aphrodisiac and works well in love and sex spells.
It can also be used in money or protection spells.
Periwinkle: Periwinkle is used for love and protection spells.
It is so well used in love spells that many countries consider it to be the symbol of everlasting love.
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