How to Sell Employee Ownership Stock Due to Termination

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    • 1). Gather all of the paperwork you have regarding your participation in the stock purchase program and stock option grant program sponsored by your employer. Review the latest statements you received from the administrators of the plan.

    • 2). Check the statements to see how many of your stock options have vested. Stock options granted by an employer typically go through a vesting process, meaning that you cannot exercise those options until the vesting period has expired. The vesting period varies from plan to plan, so check your paperwork carefully.

    • 3). Contact the company holding the stock options and let them know that you want to exercise your vested options. It is important to contact the administrator as soon as possible. As a former employee, your window for exercising your stock options may be limited.

    • 4). Call the brokerage firm holding the stock you bought through the employee stock purchase plan if you want to sell your shares. The shares you purchased through the employee stock purchase plan are your property, so you can sell them if you wish. Alternatively, you can hang onto them in hopes that the stock price will rise further, which will lead to a bigger profit.

    • 5). Retain copies of all the paperwork related to your sale of company stock or stock options. You will need this paperwork when you file your taxes.

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