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If you are having a hard time finding Mr.
or Mrs.
Right because you are shy, an introvert, or a little 'rusty' on your social skills, besides using the self-help tips you read every day in books and articles, I suggest you watch "The 40 Year-Old Virgin".
It is a delightful movie with a very strong message: the road to true happiness always goes through the heart.
The central character, Andy Stitzer, is a mild-mannered, introverted, 40 year-old bachelor who lives with his action figure collection and works in a dead-end job at an electronics store.
Andy has never had sex, period.
To make matters worse, his virginity becomes public knowledge at the store where he works, as he's falling in love with a woman who does not want sex in the relationship.
The movie shows how Andy finds his emotional and sexual maturity--and happiness--by staying true to himself, taking risks, and doing what is ultimately good for him in spite of peer pressure and other people's expectations.
In the process, he handles a rollercoaster of experiences that range from rejection, ridicule and humiliation to standing up for himself, showing up for his friends, and letting go of his infantile attachments.
In the end, he gets what he's always wanted, wished and deserved: romantic fulfillment coupled with sexual bliss.
Here are some points to consider: 1.
Notice how this movie portrays friendship among men.
Watch how the men bond to help each other in times of distress.
If you are a man, how does the movie reflect your friendship with other men? Does it inspire you to make improvements? If you a woman, what does this movie teach you about men's friendships? 2.
Notice how the movie celebrates women over 40.
How does it influence your attitude toward women and aging? 3.
Notice how the movie treats the fine balance between sex and ethics in the workplace.
Compare this film to "Disclosure", an older movie that also addresses sexuality in the workplace but from a different angle.
Pay attention how Andy handles his boss's advancements staying true to himself and how he gets promoted based on merit and not on sexual favors.
How does he inspire you to stay true to your own values when ethical or moral controversy arises in the workplace? 4.
Notice how the movie portrays genuineness as a sign of intelligence and inner strength and how being inauthentic is portrayed as being stupid and lacking self-confidence.
How does that inspire you to deal with the challenges to your own genuineness? 5.
Notice how Andy wins teenage Marla's trust and respect by telling the truth about his virginity while he also supports her struggle for sexual liberation.
This is how he teaches young Marla by example that sexuality is not a matter to be treated lightly because of the emotional and psychological cost it may cause.
How does Andy's approach inspire you to deal with judgmental, mistrusting, rebellious teenagers in your life--who are also in desperate need of guidance and sound advice? Following your heart may not be easy, but it's definitely rewarding.
Only if you follow your heart will you know the path you were really meant to take in life.
You have only one life to live.
Why not make that the life your heart really wants? For inspiration to follow your heart I recommend that you also watch: "Must Love Dogs" and "Hitch".
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