How to Feed Bean Plants to Horses

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    • 1). Choose your beans. Beans come in a variety of types, from string beans to snap peas, green beans and the common kidney bean. Fresh green beans and snap peas are the best for horses as they are the sweetest variety. De-string the beans and take a handful to the paddock or stables.

    • 2). Alert the horse to your intention of feeding it. This can be done by clicking the tongue or fingers or otherwise getting the horse's attention without startling it. Calm the horse by either stroking its neck, or the middle of its nose.

    • 3). Hold out your hand, palm upwards and completely flat with three or four beans lying across it. Hold the hand close to the horse's mouth, making sure to keep fingers flat lest they be mistaken for a bean.

    • 4). Repeat step three until all the beans are finished.

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