Poems of our Time

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Lost in Time We seem to be lost in time busy with our commerce; making money and building towers, waging wars and reaping flowers.
What did our old folks do in their lazy old lifetime to bring forth such a generation of humanity that seems to be totally lost in time? ===== SHIPS Just a brief conversation, over dinner; Two Worlds had spun! Two hearts, spoke across a table; Had so much fun! Is it love, or a loneliness; that brings us together? From up above, He provides us; A sweet scented savor! We reach out, so blindly, moving; Away, out of sight! Like two ships, passing each other; Through a stormy night! ==== Nuwara Eliya Rail me back to Nuwara Eliya, There's where the tea and the pears and berries grow.
There's where the streams trickle sweet in the springtime.
There's where the mist in the morning hangs low.
Drive me round the vast open spaces, There's where the dairy and the meat and veggies grow.
There's where the horses neigh snorting in the sunshine.
There's where the flowers bloom brightly from their bough.
Walk me up old Piduru-tala-gala, There's where the fauna and the wily old fox roams.
There's where the rocks are hewn all over nature.
There's where true peace reigns calm in our home.
Take me down to the lush green Plains.
There's where the birds and the bees and fauna go.
There's where the world seems to end in its lifetime.
There's where the beauty of life seems to flow.
[Note: Nuwara Eliya is a high altitude hill station town in the Central Province of Sri Lanka where temperatures are typically cool and where some of the best teas in the world are grown]
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