Did You Get The Wrong Message From The Secret? The Law Of Attraction Isn"t Enough

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Okay - what I'm about to say might get you mad but that's okay.
I'm here to completely change your life - not to tell you what you want to hear.
Did you read or watch "The Secret" and then just sit back and say, "Life is dandy, I don't have to do anything.
All I have to do and think positive and everything will just come to me".
Now, I'm not saying this to dis "The Secret".
It's a great book and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
What I'm saying is that so many people took this book/movie the wrong way.
The Law of Attraction is only one part of the equation.
You have to actually take action! Not just sit back and expect the universe to bring things to you.
Sometimes this action won't be easy.
Yes you should do what you love, but you won't always love everything you do.
Becoming successful and truly happy can be hard work.
Don't just go off in some happy-go-lucky dream world.
Take this and remember it - Happy-Go-Lucky - Equals - Happy-Go-Nowhere.
I've noticed a trend that people are now just doing what they love and forgetting that ultimate success tales hard work.
As soon as the going gets tough - they just say, "I'm not really loving this - let me move onto something else".
At some point in your quest for greatness, things will get tough.
Yes you should embrace and use The Law of Attraction but don't forget to take major action.
This won't always be easy and won't always give you immediate gratification but if you persevere you'll eventually achieve ultimate greatness, happiness and success!
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