How to Remove Several Layers of Vinyl Tile

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    • 1). Warm the vinyl tile to soften it. Use a hair dryer, heat gun or steam iron. To use a steam iron, you'll need to lay a damp towel over the tile, set the iron to a low setting, and iron the towel for about 30 seconds.

    • 2). Use a sharp utility knife to slice the vinyl at the floor edges and then cut a small section of the floor. Pry up the tiles with a putty knife. If they come up easily, you can try cutting a larger section next and removing that from the floor. Apply more heat if the tiles are breaking into little pieces.

    • 3). Remove the layers one by one if they are not lifting up together, following the same procedure.

    • 4). After removing all the vinyl flooring, dissolve exposed glue on the sub-floor with a commercial glue remover, available at hardware stores. Wipe the glue off with a damp rag.

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