Australian Holiday - Gold Coast Theme Parks

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Th?r? ?r?  lots ?f reasons why th? Gold Coast ?s ? good location f?r a family ?nd friends Australian holiday. Apart fr?m th? undeniable fact th?t th?r? are ? number  ?f Theme Parks wh?ch everybody w?ll enjoy, th? location  also boasts some of the most beautiful  beaches ?n the world.

If you're looking t? h?v? s?m? fun ?n th? sun ?nd splash around, y?u m?y want t? visit WhiteWater World. At th?s Theme Park y?u w?ll find water slides ?s w?ll ?s flumes. Experience th? thrill ?f flying thr?ugh th?s? tunnels ?t breakneck speed ?nd splashing d?wn ?n ? crystal clear pool ?f water. Just looking ?t s?m? ?f th? rides w?ll m?k? your heart rate increase.

Right next door to WhiteWater World is one ?f Australia's biggest  Theme Parks; ‘Dreamworld'. Dreamworld covers a huge expanse and includes a host of terrifying as well as gentle rides. A great variety of shows and attractions plus one of the biggest and most diversified assortment of animals found in Australia, including Bengal Tigers.

If water fun is what you're really after then another Theme Park  to visit ?s Wet n Wild Water World. Like WhiteWater World  visitors h?r? ?r? sent whirling and swirling ?m?ng water slides, flumes and a giant wave pool. Dads ?nd moms wh? want t? h?v? ? ? m?r? relaxed day c?uld h?v? ? lighthearted t?m? ?t Calypso beach ?s th??r family splashes  th??r hearts outs.

If y?u want t? s?? various exhibits ?f sea l?f? ?nd th??r habitats, y?u m?y want t? visit Sea World. As w?ll ?s enjoying th? water shows, ?n? c?n explore th? man made lagoons ?nd aquariums t? s?? sharks, polar bears, penguins, sting rays ?nd ? host ?f ?th?r aquatic l?f? up close. Another attraction ?t Sea World are th? shows featured during th? d?y.  Apart from the entertainment , Sea World is also a great source of education where visitors can learn about sea dwellers and the plight they face.

Do you like watching movies? If so then a trip to Movie World will be a day well spent. Apart from a wide range of rides Movie World is where the magic of Hollywood comes to the Gold Coast. You'll be able to see all your favourite Hollywood characters as well as a host of famous look alike Hollywood stars. There are also many movie related shows that you'll want to see during the day as well.

To experience the true essence of the Australian Outback you might want to see the show at Australian Outback Spectacular. Under a one thousand seat arena enjoy a dazzling display of horsemanship and other authentic components of outback Australia.

Finally, if your Australian Holiday takes you to the southern end of the Gold Coast then a trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a must if you want to see rare and endangered native Australian animals. There are of course various wildlife shows during the day plus a large area where visitors can hand feed kangaroos.   

Th?r? ?s something f?r everyone ?t Gold Coast Theme Parks h?r? ?n Australia. All parks ?r? located ?ff ? main highway s? getting t? ?ny park ?s n?t ? chore w?th regular bus pick up fr?m major hotels. Sit d?wn ?nd prepare an itinerary, order your tickets, book your flight, pack up th? family, ?nd head  d?wn und?r f?r s?m? fun ?n th? sun.
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