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Like the gathering of dark angry storm clouds before a violent summer storm,and the falling of ice pellets and sudden gusts of wind causes those who live in tornado alley to turn their anxious eyes towards the sky,so too do worried health authorities scan the world's news to learn if the much talked about Asian Bird Flu thatthreathens a world wide pandemic has infected another human.
Memories of the horrors of the Black Death that wiped out millions of people in the Middle Ages ,and Small Pox that ravaged over a million Native Americans give rise to the fear that it might be about to happen again!In fact health officials arewarning that the next pandemic is not a matter of if it will happen but when! Now it has been reported that atleast two more people in Turkey have been infected with the Bird Flu as it is now being called.
The fear is that with each new human infestation increases the probability that the Bird Flu might be mutating into a virus that can spread human to human.
If this happens a pademic of epic proportions could hearld the very collaspe of civilization as we know it! Governments world wide are scrambling to develop a vaccine to combat this deadly virus.
Can they win the race in time to protect humanity from this threathening pandemic?! In addition to not having a vaccine ready the problem is compounded by the fact that antibiotics are no longer effective because of over use.
However,what may prove to be one of the most timely miracles of all times is the discoveries by nobel prize winnersand other health research scientists thatmay save the day.
Just as there is a race to come up with a vaccine to immunize us against the Asian Bird Flu,so to is there a race to get these new discoveries out to the masses! One such discovery has come about through the discovery of what has been termed the second code.
The first code was the DNA code.
Health research scientist,Dr.
Rath,has postulated " That once the body stores 1.
1 lbs of Aminos per 150lbs of body weight that no disease will beable to spread through out the body"He calls it a Teflon Shield for the cells.
A second discovery has to do with how viruses spread throughout the body.
A virus such as the Bird Flu would have to enter a body cell by using an enzyme that temporaily dissolves the cell wall.
once inside the cell the virus alters the DNA or the cell code ,and feeds on the nutrients of the cell causing death to the cell.
During its stay inside the cell,it reproduces itself.
Having used the cell's nutrients causing death to the cell the multiplied virus then leave the the cell and repeats the process thus invading nearby cells,multiplying and destroying cells as they spread throughout the body.
Another timely discovery is that a way has been found for the body to neutralize the dissolving enzyme used by the viruses to dissolve the cell wall to gain entry.
Unable to gain entry a person can not be infected! Thus this discovery hearldsa paradign shift away from thinking in terms of developing vaccines or antibiotics to ways of enabling the body to neutralize the methods used by the invader virus to infect the body.
This new paradigm should not be viewed as a threath to the developing of new vaccines and antibiotics but as one more weapon against a present or gathering pandemic.
Thus we now have a new weapon to protect ourselves from these dreaded diseases and ward off any approaching pandemic! We are not left to depending upon the development of a new vaccine or antibiotic to win the race against a gathering pandemic a clear and present danger! By using certain formulars based upon recent discoveries by nobel prize winners it may now be possible to provide the body with a teflon like shield for our cells.
Just as teflon prevents food from sticking to our cooking ware,and heat from damaging engine parts,so too can thse formulars shield our cells from invading viruses.
This teflon like shield may offer hope that the long sought after dream of ridding mankind from dreaded diseases may atlast be realized not just by reliance on new vaccines to imunize us from the numerous diseases,nor by discovering more potent antibiotics,or drugs,but simply by shielding our cells from the invading hosts! The danger here is that the medical establishment may preceive these new developments as a threath to the American medical establishment and under the guise of public safety squelch this information.
This would not be the first time they have done so.
Let us then all hope that the medical establishment will truly put the public good and health above self interest.
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