Puppy Growth Stages

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Puppy Growth Stages...
You love your Puppy and you're curious about his growth and behaviour.
Each Puppy has his own growth rate.
They progress like children do, but their growth rate is much faster.
In order to understand your Puppy growth, the understanding of different growth stages is very important.
Regardless of breed, all dogs grow alike.
They need food, love and care to have perfect physical, mental & psychological growth.
Puppy growth is divided into few stages which are summarized below.
Birth to Two Weeks At this stage Puppy is completely dependent on his mom.
They're born blind, deaf and toothless.
This is the hardest period.
After one or two weeks they'll start opening their eyes and respond to surrounding and start moving.
During this period they'll spend most of their time in sleeping.
Two to Four Weeks They start getting familiarize with the surrounding.
Puppy will start walking & playing with their littermate.
Their sense of smelling & hearing starts developing and their teeth starts becoming to come.
Puppy needs to stay with their moms as they start learning to become dog, any negative event can interrupt Puppy psychological development.
So be careful.
Four to Seven Weeks During this stage Puppy start socializing with other littermate.
They start playing and learn inhibited biting.
From fourth week onwards, you can start giving food but be careful not to separate Puppy from either mom or littermate for longer period of time.
You can start house training as early as fifth week.
From sixth week you could start their home training.
Seven to 12 Weeks During this period Puppy will improve their motor skills.
At this stage most of the Puppies hit a fearful time.
Don't get disturb or start fearing that you'll have a fearful dog.
This is very normal reaction.
Puppy will get start independent every day.
You can start some basic training like sit & play.
Four to Six Months This is the growing stage of Puppy.
They will grow very rapidly and learn things quickly.
Give them something to chew as they start getting their adult teeth.
Puppy will experience some hormonal changes, this is the ideal period for spay or neuter.
Six to Eighteen Months This is the maturity period, they should consider as an adult now.
Increase Involvement in socialization.
Start training and increase the activity level at regular pace.
Don't except a lot from your dog.
This is the time to start enjoying your dog.
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