Tips on Dog Ear Circulation

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    • The easiest way to improve ear circulation is to clean your dog's ears regularly. Regular cleaning will reduce wax built-up and allow you to note any changes in your pet's ears. Redness or excessive wax build-up are indications that there may be an infection. You should inspect your pet's ears weekly but how often you clean out the ears will vary based on the breed.


    • Some breeds have excessive hair growth around the ear canal. More hair means less fresh air circulation, which may result in an infection. Hair growth in the ear is about the same as the rest of the hair on your dog's body, so it can quickly become a problem. Plucking a few hairs at a time near the opening of the ear canal can increase air flow and reduce the chance of an ear infection.


    • Ear infections can be caused by failing to dry out your pet's ears after grooming or swimming. Water gets trapped inside the ear canal and provides moisture to bacteria. If your pet spends a lot of time in the water you will want to carefully dry the ear canal with a cotton ball.


    • If your dog experiences ear infections often, you can use fabric cloth with holes cut out to pin the ears back and keep the ear canal exposed. This will greatly increase the air circulation to your dog's ear canal and help prevent further infections. A sock or stocking can be used for smaller dogs and tape may be needed to keep ears pinned back.

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