6 Habits That Causes Acne And Poor Skin Condition

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There are skin harmful habits that we did not realize that are potential culprits that causes acne. Here are 6 common habits that causes acne that can be easily changed to save your skin.

Over-washing your face

When our skin is oily, all we can think of is to strip off all the oil from our skin. Because when we feel oily and greasy, we automatically feels dirty and uncomfortable. One of the common mistake is by over-washing. Over-washing means washing your face more than you should and it causes the skin to become tight and dry.

Not getting enough nutrients

Many of us do not have good eating habits due to our lifestyle and also the availability of so many different kinds of food. We often leave out and neglect the importance of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that can improves our skin. It repairs our skin and also acts as a natural antioxidant for our skin, preventing it from pre-mature aging, dryness and wrinkles.The easiest way to ensure we have enough supply of nutrients from fruits and vegetables is by taking supplements like herbs and vitamin pills. On the other hand, you can also make changes and eat more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Not using moisturizer properly

We often thought that the more moisturizer is better to keep our skin supple. The thing is, slathering thick heavy creams can block our pores and leads to acne. Choosing the right moisturizer is important as well as using the right one for the right time. You can choose to use gel or light moisturizers if you have oily skin type or when the weather is hot. Use cream based moisturizers if the weather is cold. Then again, though cream moisturizers are said to be too thick and can clog pores, use it sparingly. Apply just a light layer of it on the skin if it's too thick.

Sleeping late

There are certain hours that your skin will become active to replenish and heal itself. Our skin needs rest too and it is best that we sleep during the time it restore itself. The obvious consequences we see when we sleep late and not let our skin rest causes problems like dark eye circles, oily skin, wrinkles and dullness. As the skin is at work at night to repair itself, it is best to apply skincare before you go to bed so that it can produce maximum result. Not sleeping at the right hours is a potential factor that cause acne. Though indirectl, the skin will become tired and dry; causing the oil glands to produce oil (an automatic defense of the skin to protect its moist) and makes the skin oily and prone to acne.

Stressing your skin

You can stress your skin in various ways such as exposing it too much to heat from the sun, your computer screen, constant use of skincare products containing harsh chemicals, dirty and polluted environment, and many more. Causes of acne can be from emotional factors such as stress.

Personal Hygiene

Keep your hair clean and away from your face. Hair traps dusts and bacteria easily, and when it keeps getting in contact with our skin, the bacteria can get transferred to the skin. Bacteria that grow and multiply on our skin causes it to inflame and damage the skin. Also, pay attention to the hygiene of things that gets in contact with our skin such as pillowcases, towels and clothes. Keep these items clean by washing it regularly so that bacteria do not gets collected there as it will easily be transferred to our skin and is the main factor that causes acne. Heat and a damp environment is a great place for bacteria to grow and multiply. Our skin is exactly in that condition after we exercise and to prevent from having acne and other skin diseases, shower or bath to clean our skin.

Now that you know the common habits that causes acne, keep it as your golden rule and ditch these habits soon.
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