How to Troubleshoot Problems With Run Flat Tires

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    • 1). Look at your run flat tire. Make sure that you don't see anything in the tire. Look for nails or screws in the tire. See if there are any cracks or bubbles in the sidewall of the tire. If a run flat tire has been compromised, you might see cracking in the sidewall or a line that is all the way around the sidewall of the tire.

    • 2). Run your hand around the tire tread area to make sure it is smooth. A tire tread should be smooth and not have flat spots or raised spots.

    • 3). Push the tire pressure gauge onto the valve stem to check the pressure of the tire. The most common reason for run flat tire failure is a flat tire. With the run flat tire you could be driving on a flat tire and not even know it since the sidewall rubber is so thick. If the tire is low, fill it to the correct inflation with the air compressor and inflation end. Put the inflation end over the valve stem and push it down. Press the trigger of the inflator and air will fill the tire. Check the pressure with the tire pressure gauge. The correct inflation will be labeled on the car door or the cover of the gas filler.

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