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I'm not going to lie to you, if you want to start an MLM business it will require an upfront investment.
But is it possible to generate an endless amount of FREE leads every day? You bet it is! Not too many things these days are free, but one thing I can tell you is if you use these techniques, the leads sure will be...
especially when you use the technology that is available to you today.
You may not be able to build your own website and that is fine.
These days you can someone else to do it for you.
The goal here is you want to get to the top of Google as soon as you can...
and a good looking website sure will help.
To start getting free leads there are a few things you need to remember: What is a Niche? It is the most crucial part in creating a website.
You don't want to build a website and find out later you wasted all that time for nothing.
You want to make sure the niche you pick is something people are searching for but is not too competitive at the same time.
Open your mind and think, what will people be searching for for with a certain product that you are promoting.
To get a good niche, put in the search phrases into the search box.
You want to make sure the result is below 1,000,000, then you have a good niche there.
One great tool is Google Keyword.
Just type in what you think people will search and it will show you how competitive it will be.
What do looks have to do with it? You will want to keep you website pretty simple.
There is a fine line between pure gold and pure junk.
If you were to open a website would you want it to open very quickly or take years.
I hope you choose the first, and your visitors hope you do as well.
They don't want to wait for all your flashy stuff to load...
just the important stuff.
What about performance? Your website will be worthless if you get it ranked on the search engines.
You will want to do some research on SEO because it is very important.
There is so much to learn in this area I could write a book...
just know this is important so buy books.
There you have it--you can have free MLM leads, all you need is your very own website.
To learn more free MLM leads secrets, read below and click on the link for more information.
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