How to Watch Netflix Movies on TV

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  • 1). Insert a very small crochet hook (about a size 5) from the back side of the sweater through to the front at the site of the snag.

  • 2). Use the hook to pull the loose yarn through to the back side of the garment.

  • 3). Turn the sweater inside out.

  • 4). Use the crochet hook to make a loop out of the loose yarn, then pull the loose end through the loop, creating a knot on the inside of the sweater.

  • 5). Dab the end of the loose yarn with liquid ravel preventer (sold under the brand name Fray Check), available at fabric and hobby stores. In a pinch you can use a small dab of clear nail polish instead.

  • 6). After the ravel preventer has dried, turn the sweater right-side out and gently stretch it to smooth out any bunching that the snag might have caused.

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