How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend - Two Simple Tips You Should Know

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Well, I didn't know how to talk dirty to my boyfriend before my best friend told me about it. It is a great way to please my boy. I'm glad that I've learned it, because it's improved my sex-life a lot. Why does it improve sex life? Because men are aroused when you talk dirty and they'll do more foreplay to let you get far more sexual stimulation (such as kissing, caressing, and sometimes oral sex) that gives you the greatest sexual pleasure.

However, before you start to talk dirty to your boy, there are two important things you should be aware of.

First, you must know the timing. Don't talk dirty to your boyfriend or husband when he has just arrived home from work, because he should be still under stress from work. As a result, he is definitely not in the mood for this kind of thing. Then, you may ask what is the right time? Well, when he feel relaxed and comfortable of course. Let's say, after dinner, taking shower or in bed. These are good moments to arouse your boy by doing the dirty talks, and then, have great sex!

Sometimes, I give my boy a relaxing massage to put his mind at ease. As soon as I know he is stress-free, I start to talk dirty. That is just the perfect moment to stimulate him.

The next thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as the perfect dirty talk. Many girls asked what the best way to talk dirty. Well, it depends. Questions like where, what and how to say and so on. But my friend told me the truth is that there are lots of ways, but no particular way is the best. For example, you may like to say,"I just had my shower and is now completely naked and wet" when you talk to your boyfriend over the phone.

Try and see the effects on your boy following my suggestions. Improvise and create your own ways as you go along. I'm sure you'll find the magic formula for success over time.

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