How to Play Action Bass for Playstation

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    Playing Action Bass

    • 1). Select your game mode. Each of the game modes play the same in terms of core gameplay, but Championship Play puts you in a tournament-style competition, while Free Play puts you in non-competitive leisure fishing.

    • 2). Choose your lake. There are many lakes in "Action Bass," each with a unique collection of fish. If you are playing in Championship Play you may not be able to select your lake right away.

    • 3). Pick your lure. Depending on the types of fish in the lake you choose, you will have to decide on a type of lure. You are given five lures to start the game, and can unlock more by placing well in each tournament.

    • 4). Cast your lure using the X button. There is a cast strength meter that determines the cast's distance. Tap once to charge the meter and tap again to cast the lure. Use either the Left or Right D-Pad buttons or the left DualShock analog stick to choose the direction of your cast.

    • 5). Lure fish. Slowly reel your lure in to draw fish to the bait. Switching between rapid reeling and slow reeling works especially well.

    • 6). Reel the fish in. Once the fish has taken the bait, tap X rapidly to reel it in. Watch the tension meter, and stop reeling when you are close to maxing it out. Maxing out the meter will snap your line and you'll lose your fish.

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