Viral Marketing

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Viral Marketing is the "in vogue" way to spread information online in the online business world.
The word viral is a derivative of virus but its effects are the opposite.
Where a virus is information that is shared onto a computer it's usually harms and is sometimes fatal to a computer.
This information is usually shared without knowledge or consent of the computer user and can spread rapidly affecting thousands.
Viral is something that creates good when people see it the share it with their friends and work partners.
YouTube is one example of good Viral Marketing.
When you have something interesting, for example, a fun interesting tutorial, somebody watches it and gets the urge to send the link to friends letting them know what they have viewed.
Their friends like it and tell people on Skype or MSN and so on.
Viral Marketing is important for your business as it's a form of branding of yourself and it can help drive traffic through your website.
However do not over advertise as people don't like to be sold to.
The quality of the video/article/product will determine whether your Viral Marketing strategies will work.
Like everything in life it is only when it's good enough and worth recommending that people will have the desire to show it to someone else.
Entertainment is the most popular form of Viral marketing because when people are entertained they are most like to pass the message Elements of a viral marketing strategy There are many different Formulas to think about when considering which Viral Marketing strategy is going to work.
Here is a list of things that should be incorporated into the viral marketing strategy.
Give something away - a product, strategy, how to information etc.
Free is the most powerful word for a marketer.
Easy transfer - Ensure it is easy to share, that could be through email, giving someone a link etc.
Growth - Ensure it is easy to use no matter how many people see it.
For example if you were giving away a free one on one session and it went viral obviously you wouldn't have enough time to talk with all of the people who are interested.
Try to automate it or just direct them to your site to find more information.
Inspire and motivate them.
Inspire them to take action, motivate them to talk about you.
This is done by providing either good information, something funny etc.
Use social media - These are very popular with sites such as, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace etc.
Everyone interacts on these social media sites; place your information on those sites, if it is good enough it will become viral really fast.
Viral marketing works now, and will work for years to come because it just keeps spreading.
As something becomes viral it never stops, it just keeps spreading and spreading.
More and more people will find out about it.
This enables you to reach so many more people than you could have possible reached on your own.
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