Keep Your Child Safe From Accidental Poisoning

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The numbers are pretty scary; the poison control centers report that every year, almost 1 million children younger than 5 are exposed to poisonous medications.
With some common sense precautions, you can keep your child safe from accidental poisoning and from becoming a statistic.
If you have young children in your home, or have young children frequently visit your home, make sure that any medications you have are in child resistant packaging.
Many times grandparents will request non-child resistant packaging for their medications because they have a problem opening the containers.
If this is the case with you, make sure that all your medications are stored where children can't see then or reach them.
Often you will end up with medications that expire before you have had the need to use them.
These medications should never be just thrown away in the bathroom trash.
Think about it, who's little face and hands are closer to that trash can than your child's? These medications may have expired, but they still pose a poisoning hazard to your child.
To keep your child safe from accidental poisoning, flush expired medicines down the toilet, or pour liquids down the drain.
Rinse out the container and then throw it away.
NEVER refer to any medicine as 'candy'.
Children should never be misled by having their medicines called candy.
Pharmaceutical companies may make children's medicines taste 'good' to make it easier to literally, swallow, but that doesn't make it candy.
In referring to it as candy, you are giving your child the message that it's OK to drink it or eat it whenever they can get to it.
To keep children from being curious about medicines, don't take any in front of them.
Children look up to the adults in their lives, and so they will tend to emulate the people who are most important to them.
If they see you taking medicine, they will want to imitate you and try to find that medicine, or any medicines for that matter, to be like you.
This includes diet supplements and vitamins.
Vitamins that contain iron are especially dangerous as it doesn't take much to poison a young child.
We have all had to get up in the middle of the night to give a sick child medicine.
As tempting as it is, never give any medication to anyone, including yourself, in the dark.
Yes, turning on the light will wake your child up more than they already are, but better to wake them up than give them the wrong amount or even worse, the wrong medicine! Even if you are leaving the room for a moment, make sure to put any medications up and away from where your child can reach and see.
It only takes a minute for your child to ingest a dangerous amount of any medications.
With just some precautionary actions on your part, and on the part of the other adults who are around your child frequently, you can keep your child safe from accidental poisoning.
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