Temporary Medical Insurance: Healthcare Coverage During Transition

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Temporary medical insurance plans can provide people with health care coverage during a transitional time of their life when they would otherwise have no medical coverage.
Temporary medical insurance is most beneficial to a person who may be between jobs, laid off, or on strike, a recent graduate, or anyone waiting for permanent medical coverage to begin.
Applying for temporary medical insurance is generally a short, simple process.
Many companies offer online applications that can be approved in as little as 24 hours.
Once approved, coverage can usually begin the very next day.
Temporary medical insurance is offered on a per month basis.
Most commonly, coverage lasts six to twelve months but can occasionally be extended to as long as 36 months.
Temporary medical insurance is intended to be used on a short term basis until standard, long term coverage can be started.
Most of the time, the coverage does not include routine preventive care like physicals or immunizations.
The purpose of the coverage is to provide protection in the case of an accident or unforeseen illness.
Those with pre-existing conditions are generally ineligible for temporary medical insurance, though other options with higher premiums are available for those conditions.
Some companies choose to exclude athletes or other people who are at a higher risk of becoming injured.
Pregnant women are also ineligible to receive treatment under a temporary medical insurance plan and no maternity coverage is offered for those who may become pregnant after the policy begins.
When deciding on a temporary medical insurance provider, read the terms and conditions of the policy carefully.
Review the exclusions and benefits of each company and decide which plan would be the best value to meet your individual needs.
An option to extend coverage to include prescriptions will usually benefit the insured as well.
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