Liposuction Costs – Why you Should Consider India to Get the Look you Desire

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Tummy Tuck' or abdominoplasty, Liposuction of fat deposits has become hugely popular as an instant way of improving physical appearance.

Many patients are however put off by the high prices in Europe and the US and are traveling to India to get the same treatment at vastly reduced cost of 60% or more!

The benefits of doing this are huge

Not only do they get low cost liposuction costs, they get a free holiday of a lifetime and money left over!

If you have never considered India for Liposuction and tummy tucks now is the time to start, as the advantages make total sense – and the surgery is comparable with ANY in Europe or the US.

The Benefits of liposuction

Physical fitness, agility, and the overall beauty of a person are often judged from the size of the stomach, shape of the waist and the way the buttocks project. Waist to Hip ratio is also another factor in the equation for overall beauty.

Unsightly bulges, slack hanging flaps and fixed deposits of fat are often by products of obesity or overweight.

Liposuction – A quick and simple operation

This procedure can be done as a day case or you may need to spend 1 night in hospital, then you are off to enjoy your holiday!
Liposuction costs are cheaper In India

Tummy tuck operations and liposuction, which can cost as much as $10,000 or £6,500 in Britain for major work, costs up to 60% less in India.

This huge saving can mean you can fund your holiday and still have money left over.

Minor liposuction in India is available for well under $600 - $1,000 when it can cost several thousand in the US.

Regardless, of the extent of the liposuction performed, liposuction costs are far cheaper in India.

Why are liposuction costs so high in Europe and the US?

Quite simply in our image consious society the demand is huge and prices have remained high due to lack of competition, but competition is emerging as people travel to get reduced costs.

With low international travel costs fueling the boom in patients seeking overseas medical treatments and we have an industry that is booming and is now worth billions.

What are the treatments like in India?

They compare with ANY in Europe and the US. The cost is cheaper simply due to lower infa structure costs, quality of the treatment available is the same.

Low liposuction costs are available in India, but its not just low liposuction and tummy tucks that are available, you can get any cosmetic or medical surgery at vastly reduced cost.

This is now a multi billion pound industry with around 500,000 people travelling to India for medical treatments in 2005 alone and this number is growing rapidly.

Don't forget the free holiday !

Of course, liposuction costs are so cheap the difference in money saved, means you can get the holiday of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful countries on earth and can still have money left over.

Combining your liposuction and tummy tuck with a relaxing break on the beautiful beaches of Goa or seeing tigers and elpehants, as well is an added bonus!

Is it easy to arrange

There are many companies who will arrange lower liposuction cost packages and take care of all the treatments and travel, making it totally stress free for you.

If you have never considered a medical tourism package to India, then you should.

Significant cost savings, a free holiday and in many instances money left over all combine to make a very attractive package.

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