Have You Ever Asked "How Do I Naturally Cure Premature Ejaculation?" Then Read This Amazin

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So you're asking "How do I naturally cure premature ejaculation?" Well I've asked the same question myself - Just a few short months ago I suffered from premature ejaculation pretty bad.
It was rough, a nightmare.
I couldn't last more than 30 seconds with a woman, and often I'd lose my erection if I tried to have sex.
But get this! Now I can last virtually as long as I want, and with some work you can too! Listen, there isn't an instant cure to this problem, it's going to take some time, not long, but some time to cure this problem.
It can be done, though! Well, before I tell you how I did it, let me tell you something else.
Did you know that controlling your brain is pivotal in controlling your arousal? That's right, there's no part of your body more responsible for ejaculation than your central nervous system, which , incidentally, is run by your brain.
Which is perfect for us, since I have a technique that will allow us to master our brains! It's called Controlled Masturbation! Here's how you can start practicing Controlled Masturbation: 1.
Sit down, you're going to be here a while.
Try and get as comfortable as possible.
Begin to take deep breaths.
Relax, distance yourself from your body.
Begin masturbation, but take your time.
Focus on controlling your arousal 4.
Make sure you're using lube because it enhances stimulation, which will actually over time give us better control in bed.
Try and last as long as you can, slowing stimulation as you approach ejaculation.
You should shoot for at least 30 minutes.
So if you've ever asked "How do I naturally cure premature ejaculation?" Then, you can use this technique.
Start practicing Controlled Masturbation and I guarantee that you'll start seeing results! Please DO NOT DISREGARD this technique!
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