Relieving Back Pain Above The Tailbone

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Back pain above the tailbone is about as welcome as a skunk at a lawn party! Tailbone pain comes under the broader category of pelvic floor disorders.
But what is a pelvic floor disorder and why do the medical establishment have trouble diagnosing such problems? You may have had some trouble finding any useful information about PF disorders.
This is mainly because people don't like talking about burning or itching in the genital region, painful sex or bladder problems.
In reality, millions suffer with these disorders, from couch potatoes to world-class athletes! The majority of sufferers are female.
Due to mis-diagnoses it is estimated that over 9 million women suffer with pelvic floor disorder but are unaware of it.
It is estimated that there is at least a 5% chance of suffering chronic pelvic pain if you are female.
You may not have even heard of the pelvic floor, so what is it? Well it comprises all the muscles and the nerves controlling those muscles plus the tissues connecting the whole caboodle together.
It includes the ligaments linking bones together along with everything attached to the front, back and sides of the pelvis from the tailbone at the back to the pubic bone at the front of the body.
So it's vitally important to keep your pelvic floor healthy.
If you experience any pain in this area and especially your tailbone it could be a warning that there is something wrong.
There are plenty of exercises you can do in order to strengthen your pelvic floor and thus reduce the risk of experiencing pain in this area.
It is beyond the scope of this article to go into to any detail but I can certainly recommend a book available on Amazon.
You definitely want to check out a publication by Amy Stein entitled "Heal Pelvic Pain".
She has some excellent exercises documented in her book.
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