Refracting Telescope Advantages Over Other Telescopes

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Are you thinking of buying a refracting telescope? You perhaps are wondering, what are some of the refracting telescope advantages, over other telescopes. As you read this article, you will discover more about refracting telescope advantages, compared with other types of telescope.

When looking at telescope designs, you will only find 2 predominant designs. The rest of telescope designs pretty much are improvements to the 2 main designs. These designs are the refracting telescope, which is synonymous with Galileo. The second design is the Newtonian reflector, which is synonymous with Isaac Newton.

The refracting telescope is one which we all know. It is like a long, thin tube, where you have lenses on the front, and look from the back. This design makes the refracting telescope to have advantage over other telescope designs, because the refracting telescope is enclosed, whereas a reflecting telescope is open.

This may seem like a small issue. However, when using a telescope outside - wind, rain, and all the elements degrade telescopes. With a refracting telescope, this is not so much of an issue.

The design of refractor telescopes is simple in design. This makes it a great telescope to own, as simplicity usually results in reliability.

For children, the refracting telescope advantage of a simple and enclosed design makes the refracting telescope one which is a good for children. It is much easier to use, compared with a reflecting telescope.

The refracting telescope, is also great for people new to astronomy. Again the simple design makes it easy to get used to maneuvering the telescope to find objects in space.

In considering your choice, you will also need to factor in some other points. For example, a refracting telescope is not the best to use, to look at deep space objects. As a telescope is a scientific instrument, its power is all in the size of the objective lens or mirror.

Because lenses on telescopes are expensive, the refracting telescope can be an expensive route to go with, especially if you want a more powerful telescope. Generally, you will find that over 150mm objective lens sizes are very expensive, and a reflecting telescope is likely to be much better in price and performance.

As a beginner telescope, a refractor telescope can be a great buy. Not only does it have some good features which make it ideal for beginners to astronomy and children, it is also one, which will show you great views of our Moon, the planets, and even some more distant objects.

Sources for this telescope exist. Doing a search online is the recommended route, as telescope stores are hard to come by, and toy store telescopes are very basic. You can buy a good refracting telescope for less than a few hundred dollars.
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