How to Cancel a Homeowners Insurance Policy

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    • 1). Apply for a different policy through another insurance company if you are still going to be living in the home. Often the new company will take care of canceling the insurance for you, once you have been approved and paid your first premium to them.

    • 2). Call your homeowner's insurance company and tell them you want to cancel your homeowner's insurance policy. Request the address where you should send the letter requesting for the policy to be canceled. Ask if you need to send in proof of new insurance in order for the policy to be canceled.

    • 3). Write a letter to your insurance company requesting that you insurance be canceled. Most insurance companies request the letter so they can have the dates and your signature on file before canceling the policy. In the letter request that they send you a confirmation letter that they received your letter and canceled your policy.

    • 4). Watch your bank account to make sure that the insurance company does not continue to draft money from your account. If they do, contact the insurance agency immediately to request a refund.

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