3 Easy Ways to Gain More RSS Subscribers

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If you have a site or blog then you should take advantage of RSS to get repeat visitors.
You really can develop your base of RSS subscribers, and that's why we're going to discuss three excellent tips you can begin using today.
Progress and innovation have been made with RSS tools and various resources that allow you to do more with your RSS feeds.
But we want to zone-in on one particular tool, and that is the MyBlogLog Widget.
It's purpose is to increase subscribers to your feeds.
As we all know one of the best ways to get response from people and to get them to subscribe to your blog is to simply ask them to subscribe.
You never know why someone has not done something, like subscribe to your RSS, and it could be a reason as simple as not having a clue about RSS.
You'll be accomplishing a lot when you ask them to sign-up to your RSS feed, and you may have to educate them a little about the benefits.
By using the MyBlogLog widget, you'll be able to track who is visiting your blog and send them targeted messages requesting them to subscribe to your RSS feed.
Using this widget, you'll be able to see in your blog's sidebar as to who the visitors are.
Then, what you will do is when you see someone on your site, you'll be able to send them a message, only to the person, and be polite about things and request they sign-up for your RSS feed.
If you want to look around a bit for other programs, then do investigate Bumpzee and BlogCatalog.
The bottom line with all forms of new marketing methods is to test; always test and you never know what will happen.
If one of your reader emails you then make sure you take out the time and email them back.
This is an obvious no-brainer, but we'll go ahead and say that these are the people who are demonstrating an interest in your site, and they could very well subscribe to your RSS.
If you're not going to email them back, then what reason do they have to invest their time to read your blog? You have to make your reader's feel special and show them that you value their precious time.
It's just all good to do that, and there are only good reasons for you to acknowledge them.
Don't forget about that often-neglected email signature, and what we're talking about is simply putting a direct link to your RSS feed right there under your name.
It doesn't hurt anything at all, and you never know what you'll get from it.
Find targeted forums for your niche, and then make good use of signature links by placing your feed link in that space.
You see, there are many ways to increase RSS subscribers for your site, and we haven't even discussed all the ways.
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