The Greatest Gift - One of Thanks

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It is that time of year again! A birthday is coming up for Mom or Pop,and you are so tired of buying them something they don't need or want.
And besides,does a store bought item manufactured in Taiwan really let them know how much you cherish and love them for all they have given you?My siblings and I were recently faced with the impending arrival of our Mother's 75th and Father's 80th Birthday Celebrations.
I am incredibly blessed with an amazing family,and wanted dearly to convey my sense of pride and thanks for my wonderful Mom and Dad,but was at a loss as to how to accomplish it.
My parents hold Family and Love above all else,so no physical gift could ever come close to thanking them,and letting them know how much they mean to us.
or could it?My sister came up with the idea of The Greatest Gift I have ever heard given,one that is cheap to create,truly comes from the heart,and will outlast all other gifts over time.
She suggested that we as children write a page or two about each parent,remembering some touching or special moment that parent gave us in our lives.
We then made a couple of dozen copies,one for each family member,enclosed them in matching binders with a beautiful cover sheet,and presented them to our parents at a gathering near their birthdates,with as many family members and extended family we could gather.
One of my sisters composed her memories of my father set to the tune of "Danny Boy",a well-known Irish song,honoring my father's Irish heritage,and sang it for us all.
I wrote of my 6th birthday memory of my mother staying home with me when I was sick and making me a cake,a memory I hold dear these 39 years later,others wrote memories,and co-workers and friends added their heart-felt remembrances.
I can honestly say that it was a very touching and warm ceremony honoring 2 great people.
My father and mother were very touched by this "gift" and the hugs and "I love yous" and tears were in abundance.
So,if you are at an impasse,not knowing what to give as a gift to that special someone,be it Dad or Mom,Husband or Wife,why not give them the gift of Memories,a gift they will cherish forever.
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