How to Copy Shows From a DVR to a Laptop or PC

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    • 1). Install a video card that is a capture card such as the ATI All in Wonder or the Pinnacle Dazzle cards. Some adapters may connect via USB while others may be full video cards that require you to remove your computer case and unscrew and lift out the old video card and connect the new card.

    • 2). Connect your DVR to your capture card or device. Use a cable and connect from the DVR's video out and into the capture device's video-in connection. The type of cable depends on the connections the DVR and capture device have. It could be RCA cables or an HDMI cable. You may need a converter cable that has one connection type on one end and a different connection on the other end to match your hardware.

    • 3). Install the capture software that came with the device. Run the software and choose the input connection coming from your DVR. Play the show that is recorded on your DVR and choose "Record" in the capture software.

    • 4). Copy the recorded file to a laptop if you are doing this on a desktop computer. You can copy using a CD, DVD or flash drive.

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