How to Make Your Own Superhero Avatar

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    • 1). Open Paint, click the “Image” menu and select “Attributes.” In Windows 7, click the "Properties" menu and select "Size Image." Set your avatar size; avatars are very small files so choose dimensions such as 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. Click the “OK” button.

    • 2). Pull down the “View” menu, click “Zoom” and select “Large Size.” This won’t increase your actual dimensions but gives you room to draw. In Windows 7, click the "Magnifying" tool multiple times to enlarge your workspace.

    • 3). Click the “Pencil” tool and choose a color from the “Color Picker” at the bottom or top of the screen. Draw the outline of the superhero, then click the “Paint Bucket” tool. Click inside the drawing, which fills with color.

    • 4). Click the “Pencil” tool again, change paint colors and draw a cape, winged boots, mask or eye mask and other superhero accessories, such as wrist bands or wings.

    • 5). Change paint colors and draw a superhero symbol on the avatar’s chest or headband.

    • 6). Change paint colors and draw lightning bolds, rainbow waves or flames shooting out from your avatar’s hand or behind its head.

    • 7). Select a neon paint color. Carefully draw a word such as “POW!,” “BAM!” or “SMACK!” above or below your avatar.

    • 8). Save your file as a JPEG, or .jpg, a format commonly used on the Web.

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