Things To Consider When Choosing Your Businesses Web Designer

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If you pick up any business book nowadays it will tell you that all businesses need a website when they start-up. There are many well documented reasons why this is now the case. The function of a business website has changed over the years and it now reflects in a big way on how people view you and your company. For this reason, getting it right first time is more important than ever. So do not just get a mate down the road to design your business website, choose your web designer carefully.

Too many SME's are simply paying lip service to the advice in business books, and not understanding the important role a website design plays in your business. Instead it is filed as a "advertising" cost. So instead of considering what they need to spend on a professional web design, instead they make the mistake of trying to get the cheapest they can find. For this reason many SME's end up using a free template or getting a friend to do it. Not paying a second thought to who might be viewing your website.As well as shop online (where it is important your website is trustworthy and secure) people actually "check up" on you. I have no idea why, but for some reason we tend to believe what we read on a website a lot more than we believe what we are told. Even banks check your website to see if you are all you say you are.

Who else might be looking at your website? Well if you rely on contracts, especially in the building trade, you lack of website or shoddy website, could well be putting people off trusting your ability as a builder. If you are cutting corners on your website design, and are in an industry that has a well known volume of "cowboys" it is a very bad idea to have a poor website. But how can you tell if your website is unprofessional? More than likely if you have tried to get a website for the cheapest price possible, you have been landed with a template that you could download for free somewhere on the internet. Many cheap so called web designers are not actually web designers by profession, they have downloaded a pack of free templates and sell them on to you. The tell tale signs are when they add your logo, or your photo's, usually these are badly fitted or designed, because of the persons lack of real design experience or software.

Even if you cannot tell and you think it looks great, people who see business websites every day, will know the difference. So what should you do when finding a website designer? You could find out if the company you are looking at, actually has professional small business website designers [] that you can talk to.

Make sure you set a reasonable budget, in the web design industry you are going to get what you pay for, if this is peanuts, you will probably end up with a free template. As a minimum you should set aside about £500 and this should cover a simple 4-5 page website and the hosting you will need. This could stretch you to a bit of Search Engine Optimisation, but not always. Some website companies will include a free domain name with their service, but make sure you get the one you want. Also check what happens with your domain name when you decide not to do business with your web designer anymore. There are many cheap web design companies who know in advance that you are going to rely on you domain name, so will try to get you to pay for a full years hosting before they release it to you. Again, when people are charging stupidly low prices for a process that takes weeks to do properly, there is always going to be a catch somewhere.

Have a chat with the web designer, rather than the sales person if possible. I would usually say find somebody local, that you can visit and can hold accountable if anything goes wrong. With the bigger name companies that offer website design, the advantage of using a small website designer is you get a more personal touch and are able to talk to somebody who actually does website design as a full time job.

For many businesses and organisations, the people who run these companies often end up surprised by how much they rely on their website designer and their expert advice. There is nothing more frustrating than finally catching on to how all this website stuff can be used to really benefit your business, more than it already is, only to find out you are only ever going to talk to somebody that is an expert at taking calls in a call centre, or selling web design. You may end up striking up a relationship with your web designer that benefits you business than you ever imagined. If only you choose the right website designer.
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