Horse Games for Horse Lovers

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    The Scratching Game

    • When two horses meet in the field, the first thing they often do is rub each other's withers with their teeth. You may not be able to do that for your own horse, but you can do a good approximation with your fingernails or by using a curry comb to rub your horse. After a few minutes of this rubbing your horse should begin to relax and enjoy the massage.

      This game can be great fun for your horse, but it serves a useful purpose as well. The scratching game is a good way to get nervous horses used to being touched all over, and it also helps young horses get used to handling. With this game your horse will come to equate your touch with pleasure--and that is a good thing for horse and rider alike.

    Broom Polo

    • Polo is a fun game, but chances are you do not have any polo mallets laying around. But if you have a broom--along with a simple rubber ball--you can find a wonderful substitute for traditional polo equipment.

      To enjoy a fun game of broom polo just grab a kid's rubber ball and a couple of brooms, find a nice large field and have some fun. You and your friends can have lots of fun knocking the ball around on your "polo ponies," and your horses can have lots of fun, too.


    • If you have always dreamed of riding into battle on your trusty steed, you can do the next best thing by setting up your own jousting tournament. You can set up your own jousting studio quickly and easily by tying plastic rings to tree branches, fence posts or other structures. Then just grab your lance (or riding crop) and try your luck.

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