Guidelines to a Horse Saddle

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There are many people who do not know how to do horse saddling.
Here is step-by-step guideline for horse saddling.
First of all, you should brush your horse's back slowly and also girth area in order to clean any dirt.
Brush till all hair gets flat and lies.
The common tradition is to saddle your horse from the left side so you should also start from left side but you can from left side only if it is necessary.
You should also check any wound near the saddle area.
Before starting, do fit saddle pad under the saddle, which should be tied and tabs attached to a D-ring on saddle.
You should keep this in mind that during riding you have to keep it in place, as these tabs should go to the topside always.
At the time of positioning the blanket on horse' back, let it forward over the back in a way that horse hair should lie flat on the back and also ensure the presence of blanket on both sides.
While doing horse saddling, you should remember that stirrups run up the leathers on an English horse saddle whereas western saddle is always tied on the horn.
You have to check the lift of the saddle.
Make it as high that horseback is not being pushed by it.
Another thing, which you should take care, is the placement of the blanket on the horseback.
Be sure that it is placed in such way that horsehair is laid flat in natural direction.
It is practiced in western saddle that you have to move to the right side to take the stirrup.
You should check the girth also and make it tight or loose the cinch.
You should girth the horse suddenly.
It is a misconception that the tighter your hold on girths the securest it will be.
But you should not follow it as it can cause harm to the horse and horse saddling.
Lastly, you should also notice the wrinkles in the skin and remove any if found any.
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