What Is The Correct Deadlift Form?

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There are actually many kinds of weightlifting machines and techniques that you can use in order to build your muscles. These machines and technique can help weightlifters and bodybuilders to create the body physique that they want. But when it comes to building various muscle groups all at once - deadlifting is the king of all exercises. There are numerous weightlifters that vouch for this movement, claiming that it is better than the squat. But what is the correct deadlift form?

The proper deadlift form is indeed an issue. There are people who would rather avoid deadlifting because they are a bit sceptical and concerned about back injuries. After all, attempting to lift heavy load without observing proper form can cause long term damage on the back. Nevertheless, some serious weightlifters who do know how to perform this movement properly vouch for the effectivity of this exercise. These serious weightlifters can actually lift as much as 500 lbs!

If you are thinking of trying the deadlift, you should observe the proper deadlifting form:

1. Stand with your legs a couple of feet apart. Jus t make sure you are comfortable. Your legs need not be too near each other or too far apart. Raise your head at all times. Never look down.

2. Keep your back straight. Avoid rounding your back and shoulders. Always maintain a flat back. You may have to tight your abs in order to maintain the right posture. Rounding your back is a capita sin. It could cause tremendous back damage like a slipped disc. It is important to observe this proper deadlift form in order to avoid damage to your back.

3. Start the movement by contracting your abdominal muscles. Take a huge breath which you can use when lifting. Do not exhale until you have completely lifted the bar. Exhale when you start lowering the bar.

4. Slowly lower the bar. Don't drop it abruptly. There are some weightlifters that use knee-level racks in order to help with the movement. You can also use the same racks when starting your deadlift.

Before you start deadlifting your target weight, you should start with a lighter load as a form of warm-up. Never sacrifice proper deadlift form when attempting to lift your target weight. Lift a load that you can actually lift without sacrificing correct form. Your safety is your primary consideration. Ensure your safety by adopting the right form when doing this amazing technique.
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