What Do Emperor Scorpions Eat?

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    • The emperor scorpion has a dark glossy body, usually blue/black or brown/black. It has two red, slightly hairy and bumpy claws and a stinger. The scorpion is covered by an exoskeleton, which it sheds from time to time. With every molt, it gains a darker and richer color.


    • Rain forests are the natural habitat for emperor scorpions. The scorpion is shy and spends most of its time under rocks or in burrows. It generally comes out at night to feed.

      When keeping the scorpion in captivity, put it in a terrarium with natural substrates, such as peat and leaf litter, or bark. Bark retains moisture and allows the scorpion to burrow and hunt. Ensure the substrate is at least 6 inches deep. Artificial shelters can be made from small flowerpots. You can use live or artificial plants. Moss is also a good additive.

      If you use a water bowl, place some pebbles in it so the scorpion can get out. Fasten the bowl to the terrarium so the scorpion does not burrow beneath the bowl.

    Emperor Scorpion Diet

    • The adult emperor scorpion's diet includes insects, small lizards and mice. Feed it three to five crickets twice a week and a feeder pinkie mouse once every two to three months. Feed a juvenile emperor scorpion three to five crickets daily. Remove unconsumed insects within two hours. Avoid overfeeding.

      You can feed an adult scorpion larger insects, such as caterpillars. This would mean feeding it less frequently. Adults can go without food for days, so do not worry if your pet emperor scorpion refuses to eat. Scorpions also reduce their food intake before they begin shedding their skin. Make sure pregnant female scorpions are well-fed.

    Gut-loading Crickets

    • Feed crickets a nutritious diet at least 48 hours before giving them to a scorpion. It is convenient to use commercial cricket food. Hydrate the crickets by feeding them oranges or a water gel product especially meant for feeder insects. You also can make your own feeding formula by mixing ground dog food, cereal and fresh greens with oranges.

      Avoid placing shallow bowls of water in the cricket tank. The crickets might drown and this can spread bacteria.

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