How to Decorate Wedding Bells

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    • 1). Select a stencil in a decorative form, such as a heart or bow.

    • 2). Place the stencil over the front of the wedding bell.

    • 3). Dip a small paintbrush into some acrylic craft paint in one of the wedding's signature colors. Fill in the stencil with paint.

    • 4). Allow the paint to dry completely for five to ten minutes, while painting the second bell of the set to match.

    • 5). Select fabric with which to tie the wedding bells together. Common fabric choices include ribbon and lace.

    • 6). Use scissors to cut the ribbon to six inches long.

    • 7). Weave the ribbon through the loop at the top of one wedding bell, and then through the second bell.

    • 8). Tie the ribbon together to form a loop, making a bow at the top.

    • 9). Repeat steps until all wedding bells match, or select varying stencils for each set.

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